As a professional organization comprised of all the Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Cantors of Toronto and surrounding area.

The Council’s mandate is to provide a forum of networking and education for its members. As Cantors representing local synagogues, we endeavour to provide a meaningful Jewish prayer experience for our congregants by combining beautiful music that is both contemporary and traditional to our sacred texts.

Our Council provides ongoing resources for its members as well as support for young aspiring cantors to learn and grow into the profession. As proponents of gemilut chassadim, (deeds of loving kindness), and the giving of tzedakah, funds that are raised from Council concerts are donated to worthwhile charitable causes to aid the Jewish community.

Most importantly, our members are dedicated to preserving the Cantorial art and promoting its well being throughout the world. The Toronto Council of Hazzanim is a symbol of Jewish unity and is one of the most active bodies in the Jewish Cantorial world.


Hazzanut in Toronto began in 1863 with Reverend Chaim Goldberg, who served as Hazzan of Toronto’s first congregation, Holy Blossom. As the community grew, the scope and depth of synagogue music grew – encompassing hazzanut as well as the introduction of choral music. Cantorial pioneers in the early 20th century included M. Shulman, M. Kaplan, and Cantor Bernhard Wladowsky.

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